The Havana Insider

Proposed iPad app, The Havana Insider, aims to be a design and architectural guide for Havana, Cuba. Intended as a supplementary guide to (M)Group's numerous books on Cuban architecture and history.


culture, curated


(M)Group has a particular proficiency with the history and currency of Cuban culture and design. The mission of app is to serve as a staple of recommendation the best restaurants, shopping, tourism and other landmarks of the city.




In preliminary design discovery, I wanted the visuals of Cuba to do all the talking - from it's rich, intense color to its various expressions of emotion. Subtle hints of navigation aid the user to his or her intended point of interest. 

Exploratory design treatments mirror the uniqueness and ease of cuban design. Jigsawed menus, overlapping text and bold graphical elements are all pieces to the greater educational value of it's contained information.