Viewers to Volunteers

Viewers to Volunteers (V2V) aims to bring the concept of paying it forward to the little screen - the mobile screen. The app, of CBS EcoMedia, delivers fresh, good news content that rewards the user with points he/she can use to donate to various non-profits in four overarching categories: Wellness, Veterans, Environment and Education.


my role:

I was responsible for the visual design and interaction of the app. I also contributed to content strategy.


the challenge:

Design a visual language that changes the way people give and interact with a product. This point-based system had to be clear and consistent as a new form of digital currency. Designing around rules, regulations, and legality of all the lines that connected the users with sponsors and non-profits, we needed to find a way to convey to and entrust the users that their point donations matter, and what happens when they press "GIVE".


a new way to give


Apart from designing a meaningful, distinct brand and visual presence; conceptualizing a logistical and comprehensive "earn and donate" point-based system was a immense challenge behind-the-scenes. Because one must read content before donating their points, clever interaction was needed to guide a user through the experience while not distracting from the articles and editorial content of the app.


same, but different


As UI designer, I wanted to make sure these four buckets excelled in their own individual identities, as well as collaborated together to form a unified, enjoyable experience. From overarching color palates to animated bubble graphs and pie charts, I wanted to design delightful, whimsical ways of displaying information that mirrored the good news and content the app provided. 


A joyful, delightful interaction style was put in place to give the app a personality. From springy drop downs to bubbly infographics, I wanted the app's movement to match it's good news content.

calling all platforms


It has been implemented and designed for both iOS and Android handset devices, as well as a fully responsive website. After figuring out the special sauce to our point-based formula, we were able to allow users to participate on various platforms.